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February 20, 2018

chubby sleepy face & the "asking a question" face.....
two of my favorite faces right now! 
(in his Darth Vader pajamas, of course.)

Making // to do lists like crazy!
Cooking // barely anything, except for pasta. quick and easy meals are the easiest right now.
Drinking // so much water!! Breastfeeding makes me forever thirsty!
Reading // a lot of Dr. Seuss lately
Wanting // to know when Asher will stop hating the car!?!
Looking // for an art piece for the mantle and I can't seem to make a decision!!! 
Wishing // there wasn't SO MUCH rain this week, but the warm weather is nice. At least it isn't cold rain.
Enjoying // how interactive Asher has become in the past week!
Liking // my daily quiet time in the playroom with Solomon. It has become my favorite part of the day. 
Wondering // when the flu season will finally be over?!? I've never been so afraid of the flu. 
Loving // being a stay at home mom to two boys, I'm so thankful that I love it, and that I really want to do it. It really is such a blessing!
Hoping // for a day trip to Asheville soon!!!! 
Marveling // at how quickly Asher is adapting to a schedule during the day and night.
Needing // to take Solomon out on a little date with mommy and daddy soon!! Maybe this weekend?!?
Smelling // bleach from washing a load of whites this morning.
Wearing // lounge wear as often as possible! I'm excited to used my Aerie gift card that my mom gave me for my birthday soon! 
Knowing // that this year is going to fly by, since the past two months have gone by so quickly! How do we have an almost two month old baby already? It's killing me!!!!
Thinking // about all the summer vacation options and what we should do......?
Bookmarking // so many beautiful instagram accounts with home decor ideas for spring.
Opening // Amazon Prime boxes way too often, just ask my husband. ;) "what did you buy now?!?"
Giggling // at all the crazy things Solomon says and does lately, he is the funniest boy. And so sweet!!!
Feeling // really excited about Easter coming up and some of the new traditions we are going to start to keep Jesus at the core of the holiday!

weekly three.

February 16, 2018

It's been a very productive week in the Eliya house! I feel like the cleaning and laundry and new baby schedule is starting to fall into place, which is a huge sigh of relief. It's nice to feel like I have a good idea of what each day will hold for us at home. Weeks like this one is what makes me feel extra relaxed on the weekends, which I can't wait for. Relaxing with my guys and enjoying some family time. I'm really hoping that some of the rain decides to hold off, but if not, we will just enjoy jumping in some puddles! 

Climbing into Solomon's teepee (per his request) to read books. 
Seeing him read to Asher is one of my favorite things to do together.

making some sweet Valentine's Day cards for Gigi and Teta. 
Watching Solomon get so excited when he gave them out was so precious!

this little squirt and all the smiles he's been giving lately. 
I love seeing his little personality come out!

my sweet babies.

February 14, 2018

We've never been a big on Valentines Day celebrations, but it's always fun to give a little extra love to those special people in your life! Yesterday afternoon was a long one. I had two boys who only wanted to cry and needed some one on one mommy time. Those moments are the hardest so far. When Solomon is crying "mommy hold me" while I'm feeding a very hungry newborn. I try my best to love them both as hard as I can, but sometimes I can feel a little spread thin. Sadly, in those moments I tend to lose my cool. I definitely don't feel like a lovable mommy all the time, but these boys still want me. They still love me and need me. And I need them back. Even in the long and hard moments of our days, I need them so desperately. My biggest prayer right now is that when they see I'm not perfect, that they also see that I need Christ every day. I hope that my need for Him will create a need for Him in their life. Because I need Jesus so much. All day long I need Him, and He gave me these sweet babies to love, and teach and disciple daily. I read a quote recently from the Well Watered Women Blog that really resonated with me......

"One thing I've learned about discipling our young children is that it's usually much simpler than we make it out to be. Nurturing the hearts of our children is not a sprint: it's a marathon. Our goal isn't shallow roots that sprout up quickly and die, but deep healthy roots that are firmly established  in God's rich fertile soil."

So true, and so good to remember in these crazy days of motherhood. So, Happy Valentine's Day to my little loves. I'm so thankful that God gave me your little hearts to grow and nurture, in hopes to create big hearts for Him one day. I love you!

the way he looks at his big brother kills me!

mom, stop it and hold me!

Happy Love Day, friends!!! 

weekly three.

February 9, 2018

Another week has flown by, and this one was full of things to do, so it really flew by. Things are definitely feeling more normal around here with two babies to love on. I was thinking yesterday about how I didn't feel "back to myself" after having Solomon until around seven months. But this time has been so much faster, I think maybe because I'm already a mother? I'm not really sure, but I do enjoy feeling at ease and enjoying both of my sweet boys. I'm really tired and working my way through motherhood, but it feels good, and I'm thankful!

it was so wonderful to enjoy some front porch time with both of the boys this week! It really made me excited for Spring.

this cute little guy may not like evenings and cry a LOT, but his happy mornings make up for it!

lemon cake and a great bible study, two of my favorites things in life!

waiting for spring.

February 7, 2018

We are definitely excited for the Spring weather to come so we can have more park dates, & we were really excited to have a little glimpse of that yesterday! The sun was warm, and with a couple of layers, we didn't even notice the chill in the breeze. Solomon and John Frederick were so excited to play together and their momma's were equally excited to catch up and talk. Jill was sweet enough to pick up some lunch from Chicken Salad Chick for us, and we had a great time watching the boys run around like monkeys. 

the little babies getting some fresh air too! It was so nice to get some sunshine and spend some time outside.

Now, today will be spent jumping in puddles with Solomon, which honestly might make him happier than sunshine at the park. HA!! 
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